Art Vocabulary Cards

Offers Learning Challenges
Helps to Shape Minds and Thinking
Provides Seeds for Learning
Provides Word Treasures and Tips

Enhances Behavior and Development
Offers Activities that are Engaging
Provides Meaning to Visual Concepts
Is a Successful Teacher Resource

Observation and Perceptive Skills
Makes Reading Words Meaningful
Spotlights Learning and Understanding
Provides Connection to Other Learning

National Core Standards
Common Core State Standards
Teaches Elements and Principles of Art
Takes Learning to a Deeper Level

Teaching and Learning Strategies
Response to Intervention Ideas
Higher Level Thinking Skills
Enhances Observational Skills

Curriculum Ideas that Work
Starters that get Students Talking
Teaches Vocabulary
Provides Homework Ideas

Offers Critique and Assessment Ideas
Provides an Authentic Reference Tool
Reflective Thinking for Evaluation
Can be used as a Writing Starter

Cross-Curricular Ideas
Integrates Learning in Any Setting
Opens the Door to Language Arts
Offers an authentic discussion

Accesses Prior Knowledge
Builds New Knowledge
Provides Visual Literacy
Provides Understanding for Words